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Because AOSGP wants to include everything, here we present our alternatives:


This is the most exigent alternative we have, think to get the maximum performance of high-end smartphones


Lower than AOSGP X, it is based to get powerful battery ever and also more free RAM. Think for medium-end smartphones


Do you want stable things? That is your solution, this alternative mix the other branches to create "ethernum" phones

Know us

The AOSGP proyect started in 2014 with Moto G 2nd Gen. From there, we try to get better day by day.
Everything started with a small teenagers group that wanted to create an alternative better than smartphone have by default, this alternative have all add-ons from Google (like Nexus) in a Moto G 2014, called G-OS.
Nowdays the project still alive thanks by dimusa, the main developer, and some external helps (testers, themers, developers…) and creates AOSGP.
Now AOSGP have different branches, AOSGP X, Light (L) and Ethernum (E)

Someone already tested it...

And they decided to tell us the feelings:
Jon Vi

Jon Vi

Tester in Bq Aquaris X5

"The most stable ROM ever I tested. It has a small normal bugs but it's perfect in the usage. Great battery, performance and customizable"



Tester in Xiaomi Mi5

"This ROM work so good. It has a good performance, fluidity and so great battery. If you want to has phone all day, AOSGP is yours"

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